20th Moore Street Market, Dublin 2pm/4pm (free event)

25th Wexford Art Centre 3pm/7pm (ticketed)

27th An Tain, Dundalk 12pm/2pm (free event)

Private performances will also take place in care home settings for residents and staff, on these dates:

21st Moorehall Lodge Drogheda

22nd Ardee Daycare Centre, Ardee

23rd St. Oliver’s Nursing Home, Dundalk

23rd Curam Care Home, Dundalk

Meet Billie and Frieda, a bit bored with life, these cheeky friends take to the streets of Galway and Dublin for Bealtaine and share with the world their experiences whilst showing off their acrobatic tricks with their walking sticks.

Presented by Bill and Fred Productions

Performed by: Elysia Mc Mullen & Luisa Schmitz