Cork Community Art Link is holding a Dragon of Shandon Information Day in The Lido Building on Friday 26th May from 13:30-17:00.

The Dragon of Shandon is a night-time parade that celebrates the old Irish tradition of Samhain in a contemporary and inclusive manner. It was first established in 2006 as a response to the lack of cultural events on Cork City’s northside and it is now the focal point of Cork Community Art Links annual arts programme. Since its establishment it has been a great source of creativity and pride and has become Cork’s largest and most notable night-time parade.

Every year thousands of people take to the streets of Shandon and walk with the Dragon as it travels between worlds in a celebration of the living and the dead accompanied by an assortment of creatures from the underworld. The dragon is the centrepiece of the parade and is accompanied by giant puppets that are animated by 12 puppeteers on the night who walk it through the streets of Shandon along with an array of illuminated props, lanterns and characters.

This information night is an opportunity for groups that have or may wish to participate in the Dragon of Shandon 2023, to meet and discuss suggestions and ideas for this year’s celebrations. You will be welcomed by a presentation and all the Cork Community Art Link crew will be available to answer any queries you have.


There will be a screening of:

  • ‘The Dragon of Shandon’ documentary, produced by UCC Film and Media Studies, which will feature in the Fastnet Film Festival.
  • ‘Portraits of Cork/Community Art Link-Dragon of Shandon’ produced by videographer Mickael Do Couto (available on YouTube).
  • ‘Dragon of Shandon’ a piece by Matt Murphy Media Films.


The screenings will be followed up by a question and answer session with our Art Director William Frode De La Foret, Assistant Art Director Beibhinn O’Callaghan and General Manager Aisling McCallion.


RSVP on or before Wednesday 23rd May by email to