1 month of dance, movement, and flow arts training, play and community in a yoga and meditation retreat center in Tenerife.

Each week we’ll be joined by incredible teachers who will guide us into the arts of flow, movement, wellness and connection. 4 weeks of explorations from Yoga and Meditation, to Taichi and Qigong, to Dance and Movement, to Flow, Fire and Circus.

Set in our own unique playground with comfortable accommodation in the sun this winter.

Fully catered by our wonderful chef creating delicious and nutritious goodness, so you can spend your time immersed in what serves you best, whether that is intensive practice, deep rest, or anything in-between.

We are living in powerful times.

So let’s prioritize what empowers us.

Let’s collect and hone the tools that will aid us on this journey.

Let’s take care of the foundations of our being from which we co-create this world.Keep flowing.12 – 18 February: Yoga and Breathwork with Isaac Mullins

19 – 25 February: Taiji, Qigong and Meditation with Sarah Tulivu

26 Feb – 4 March: Dance and Contact Dance – teachers to be annouced soon!

5 – 11 March: Flow Arts, Fire and Circus with Rónan McLoughlin, Olivia Mancino and Joseph Viatte

Beginning with taking care of ourselves, exploring and strengthening the foundations of body, mind and energy we then progress to expression and connection with others and on to play, performance and celebration.

It is possible for participants to attend a single week but we are encouraging them to stay for longer and enjoy the cross pollination of different practices while establishing a movement family community.