A two-day immersive theatre and story-telling creative intensive for experienced and novice makers, with international guest David Bassuk.

Emily Aoibheann presents, as part of the Experimental Circus Award programme 2022:

SURFING A MULTI-MEDIUM WAVE: Crafting Experiences and Immersive Narratives: A two-day creative collider led by David Bassuk

November 19th and 20th, 2022

From fantastical virtual worlds, to augmented design tools and immersive training environments; narrative is being reinvented and rediscovered opening doors to new opportunities every day. In this two-day intensive, you will learn world building, interactive narrative design and contemporary participatory practices. You will initiate new projects and make creative connections with your audiences across time in multiple mediums. You will be guided in the creation of immersive projects that combine story with technology and games; harness the range of human senses and generate work that exists in both real and virtual spaces. In a two-day workshop original projects will be created an intensive for both the Immersive novice and veteran alike.

Key Topics

• Generate narratives that trigger multi-medium engagement

• Form original creative ideas and tools for devising

• Make audience centered branching narratives

• Use game mechanics inside of dramatic structure

• Shape a performance as an encounter with a participating audience

• Vertical narratives: discover the opportunity of moving beyond the linear

• “Narratizing” space and “spacializing” narrative

• Discover, engage, and sustain a transmedia connection with an audience


David Bassuk: “You can’t walk out of traditional storytelling into the multiverse. The restructuring of story design is in progress across the media landscape in journalism, broadcast as well as in entertainment, the arts and education at all levels. Innovative creatives are engaging audiences with new technologies and “player-focused” immersive designs that involve a combination of transmedia, games, and virtual aesthetics. The internet has supplied a virtuality that offers new platforms and applications to facilitate the process of creation – the key is finding an effective approach to adaptation of our projects as we embrace the affordances of our era’s different types of narrative experiences. Today many people are yearning to transcend their mediums and generate new work and new ways of working …”

This workshop is supported by the Arts Council Arts Grant Fund.