Subcase is an industry event specifically aimed at representatives of organizations that present or support performing arts.

Registration is open to:

  • Presenters
  • Representatives of venues, festivals and other performing arts events
  • Agents
  • Arts funders and other organizations supporting the performing arts
  • Journalists and bloggers who write about the performing arts

The participation fee for Subcase is SEK 400 (€ 40) per participant. The price includes:

  • Subcase’s day programme 17-19 February.
  • Transport to and from Subcase in Alby / Hallunda from Södermalm, as well as to CirkusMania performances.
  • The Huddle online workshop 14-15 February.
  • Subcase Cyber: Pitch presentations and seminars online.

CirkusMania is a circus festival held concurrently to Subcase at several venues around Stockholm. Tickets for CirkusMania performances are not included in the price for Subcase. The festival program and links to booking can be found at

Booking tickets for CirkusMania performances you wish to see during Subcase can be done on your own at, or through our ticket booking service. The fee for our ticket booking service is SEK 400 (€ 40) – when using our service the fee will be added to the total of all your tickets.

Please note that the possibility of booking free shuttles to CirkusMania performances is included whether you book your tickets yourself or through our ticket booking service.

For some of the performances, Subcase has a number of free tickets available. These are available to those who have purchased their tickets through the CirkusMania ticket booking service and are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we are out of free tickets to a show, the remaining tickets will be sold at regular price or in some cases at a reduced price.

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