Join us at the Marina Market on September 16th from 1.30PM -5.30PM for a day of family friendly street shows. The kids will love it!

🌟All outdoor shows are free!

Who’s going to be there?

Dunn Create: A Snail’s TaleCan you help giant left-hand snail Mishelle find love at the Marina Market?

Jack Wise: The Jack Wise ShowMagician, Ventriloquist , Sword Swallower and headlining Comedian. It’s The Jack Wise Show! And you get to experience it up close and personal

Barry Clown: Dodo the Wandering HoboDodo the Hobo will take you on a journey, through the fields and back down memory lane…

Lorenzo Baronchelli / Ambaradan: Che fa, concilia?You better do what he says… He’s the only cop in the world who can create traffic jams in the desert so he means business!

Curious State: Le pOpĂ©raMeredith Soprano is all alone and is panicking, her band didn’t show up. She didn’t plan for this. But the show must go on…

A Good Catch: Casting OffA circus cast spanning 3 generations – from artists in their 20s to artists in their 60s, tumbling, talking, flying and balancing precariously.

Daniel Gonçalves: BailarinasBe ready to play. Life is short, it’s about enjoying and have a good time, even if that involves doing a silly routine in front of a crowd of strangers!

All outdoor events are free!

Part of Pitch’d Circus and Street Arts Festival.