Ground Based Course | Professional Development

Join us at Circus Factory for a Ground Based Course to develop yourself and your practice.

Over 4 days we will facilitate workshops on partner and solo acrobatics, handstands, dance and creative exploration aimed at anyone wanting to improve or better integrate floor skills into their practice. Open to those with and without experience.

Stillness in Motion: Mastering Presence and Intention in Performance by Alise Madara Bokaldere

Open to circus and dance artists of all disciplines and levels

About the Training

Join contemporary dance artist Alise Madara Bokaldere for a workshop crafted for movement artists, focusing on the art of expressive minimalism. “Stillness in Motion” explores the potent use of stillness—not only as the foundation for movement but also as a technique to enhance stage presence. We’ll engage in movement both within and outside of our respective disciplines, allowing you to uncover and later incorporate fundamental principles into your own artistic practice.

In many art forms, stillness plays a crucial role—music is enhanced by pauses, words require spaces to be comprehensible, and movement works similarly. Forgetting to stop takes away from our ability to focus on the motion.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Mastering Presence: Develop techniques to establish and maintain a strong, captivating presence on stage
  • The Power of Stillness: Understand stillness not just as a lack of motion but as the intentional beginning of movement, which sets the stage for the significance of subsequent actions.
  • The Importance of Details : Learn to elevate ordinary moments into
  • Extraordinary ones through focused movements that highlight the beauty and complexity of simple actions.
  • Integrating Stillness and Motion: Explore how integrating stillness
  • Can enhance the expressiveness of circus performances, making even the most subtle movements resonate with the audience.

Ideal For:

This workshop is designed for dancers and circus performers, including acrobats, aerialists, and jugglers who wish to explore new dimensions of expressiveness through the disciplined use of stillness and presence. Suitable also for choreographers and directors seeking to deepen their toolbox and explore concepts of stillness.

What to Bring:

Participants should wear clothing that allows for unrestricted movement, bring water to stay hydrated, and have notebooks and pens for capturing crucial insights and inspirations during discussions.

About Alise Madara Bokaldere

A Latvian dancer / choreographer.  She works very closely with the details and nuanced movements in her creations, focusing on performance presence, movement quality, and concept. She graduated from The Latvian Academy of Culture in 2018, with a BA in The Art of Contemporary Dance. She was nominated for the Latvian Dance Awards 2018/2019 and the Estonian Theatre awards 2020.

She has worked both in Latvia and abroad, collaborating with Jorge Crecis, Jason Dupree, and Kanuti Gildi Saal. She worked as a part of an Estonian experimental performance collective called “The Biofilm Sisters” and is currently working with Estonian contemporary circus company “Big Wolf Company” and the contemporary performance art collective “Art For Rainy Days”.