A soothing day of conditioning yoga, aerial yoga, barre, and mindfulness, to relax the mind and centre the body for adults, parents, teens and students. Vegan/Veggie lunch included.

Start the day with barre fitness with Bethany, mindfulness with Louise, and a conditioning yoga class with Marcela. Choose to do the full day and finish with a cold water plunge and sauna in Le Cheile’s restoration room. Or choose beginner-friendly Vayu Aerial Yoga.

Age 12+


  1. Barre Fitness – A light toning and boy weight lifting workout to start the day

  2. Mindfulness – A 2-hour course with Louise to work with parents, teens and adults to better understand day-to-day stress and anxiety using tools and benefits of mindfulness & positive psychology. This session will include group interaction, mindful exercises, and activities with lots of tips and tricks on how to flip old thought habits with new positive ways of thinking.

  • Mixture of tools and information drawn from:
  • MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)
  • MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Contemporary Neuroscience
  1. Conditioning Yoga – A soft Vinyasa flow to condition the body

  2. Restorative session at Le Cheile – Finish the day with a cold water bath followed by a hot tub and sauna (Full Day Option 1)

  3. Vayu Aerial Yoga – Finish the day with Vayu Aerial Yoga. Open the heart and mind with this peaceful and meditative aerial yoga (Full day option 2)

Ticket prices – A half-day is numbers 1, 2, and 3. For a full day, you can choose between 4 or 5. Both options include lunch.



Half day – €90

Full day – €110


Adult & Youth (Teen or Student) – A great ticket option for parents and teens who want to enjoy the day together. Learn mindfulness skills together and prepare the body and mind for a new school term.

Half day – €150

Full day – €180


Youth (Teen/Student etc)

€75 Half Day

€90 Full Day