RIOT: SLIGO virtual conversations will look at how we can rethink Sligo Town, and design its potential future. A future that can be shaped by our creativity, our imagination, our innovations, our heritage, our ability to work together – our culture. Join us and be part of these exciting exchanges.

We will curate conversations, and present working challenges to a cross section of experts and innovators, from places and projects that have been transformed through ground-breaking regenerational collaborations.

As each speaker relates their experiences and learning, a key feature of these exchanges will be comments and questions from the virtual audience – that’s you.

Be part of these collaborative discussions between culture and creative, business and community sectors.

Events at a glance:

23 March 2021

9.45hrs – 10.00hrs Welcome from RIOT : Sligo Chair

10.00hrs – 12.00hrs The New Paradigm – Creativity, Culture, Society Economy

14.00hrs – 16.00hrs What Are we talking about when we talk about Culture?

24 March 2021

10.00hrs – 12.00hrs How do we develop the resource of Culture to the benefit of people, community, and economy?

14.00hrs – 16.00hrs What is Sligo’s POSITION in the 21st century? Who are we now and tomorrow?

16.30hrs– 17.00hrs Where next? Conference Review and Close.

How to register:

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