Interested in applying for the Art Council Project Funding Award but don’t know where to start? Then don’t miss this vital ISACS members only training to learn how you can smash those applications.

Get top tips from Mark Hill (LUXE) and Aoife Raleigh both of whom have written more successful Arts Council applications than you can shake a stick at! With their help, YOU CAN SUCCEED!

About Mark

Mark HillMark is a Sculptor working out of Donegal. He is director of LUXE with Mandy Blinco, making illuminated processional and landscape spectacle. Mark is also a director of Artlink, a professional arts organisation empowering the local visual arts community and offering international residencies.

This week Mark is making public sculpture with Locky Morris. LUXE are currently making a series of developmental spectacle pieces in the landscape marking the changes in the calendar, quarters, equinox and solstices. Looking ahead to celebrating Brigit at Imbolc in 2023. Meanwhile LUXE are preparing new imagery for upcoming processional work at the PUCA Halloween Festival and Christmas Shows nationally.

About Aoife

Aoife RaleighAoife Raleigh is a circus and street artist producer and facilitator, through shared experiences we build community – on the street is where the community meets.

Aoife specialises in foot juggling, partner acrobatics, hula hoop, comedy and theatre. She has built up her practice by taking part in short courses in circus schools such as The La Fake – Jalisco, Katapult – Berlin, Belfast Community Circus, Beijing International School of Art, and Escola Rogheillo Rivel – Barcelona and through life experience.

She has co-developed a number of shows including “Seeds” and “On Tish” with Síolta and StrongWomen Science (named “Best Family Event” at the Fantastic for Families UK Awards 2020), both of which have toured Ireland and internationally. As the Coordinator of Dublin Circus Project’s youth and social programs for the past 8 years she and the team have grown this to be a nationally respected youth arts organisation.

Aoife is also a qualified Electronic Engineer and has over 4 years of working experience in a variety of engineering fields. She discovered a special interest in small-scale renewable energy, working with the NGO Snulabob in Laos PDR designing and maintaining small-scale power generating systems for rural villages.

Aoife has a passion for fusing her engineering background with circus and street performance and is currently developing What’s Watt”, an interactive roaming performance to engage people on the value of a Watt and how much power it take to make a cup of tea, this piece was created as Associate Artist with the Creative Climate Action Crumlin Project.

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