PRO Talks are CircusTalk’s live virtual events led by industry influencers and experts focused on career-building topics. These virtual conversations feature creators and talent seekers from different sectors within circus and the performing arts. PRO members will gain new insights, meet fellow professionals, and strengthen their career connections.In the realm of casting for the performing arts, inclusivity is paramount.

Embracing individuals with disabilities is not only a matter of equity, it enriches the tapestry of talent. Casting people with disabilities fosters a more authentic representation of society on stage and screen, reflecting the diverse experiences of all individuals.

Casting is an opportunity to challenge stereotypes and showcase the incredible range of abilities within the industryIn our next PRO Talk, Stacy Clark’s guest will be Billy Alwen, Artistic Director of Cirque Bijou.

With a passion for crafting circus experiences that transcend boundaries and captivate audiences of all backgrounds, Bilhas dedicated over 25 years to the art form. Formerly a circus artist himself, he has ventured into the realm of creation, pushing the limits of his craft and encouraging artists to explore new horizons.

From the grandeur of Battle for the Winds, a spectacle celebrating London 2012, to the birth of Extraordinary Bodies, the UK’s pioneering integrated circus company, Billy’s journey has been one of innovation and collaboration. Embracing the ethos of teamwork and collective vision, Billy continues to inspire and challenge the boundaries of what circus can achieve, leaving an indelible mark on the world of performance art.

Stacy and Billy will delve into various strategies to support emerging integrated circus companies, focusing on fostering the creation of innovative new work. They will explore ways to encourage greater participation of disabled artists in formal circus training programs and create more employment opportunities within the commercial circus industry.

Additionally, they will address the importance of enhancing audience access to performances, both on stage and outdoors, and discuss evolving circus aesthetics and the reinvention of traditional aesthetics.

Join them for yet another fascinating conversation that opens doors.This PRO Talk is highly recommended not only for artists but also for talent seekers, festival programmers, producers, and show creators!

While CircusTalk PRO Talks are events specifically produced for PRO members, they’re making this PRO Talk a FREE event for everyone who wants to join in and contribute to this important conversation.

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