The world’s only musical Siren Orchestra on parade!

The one-and-only Siren Orchestra, dressed up to the nines in its  exuberant colours, cavalcades through the town on two prancing locomotives, drawing the audience to it like a modern-day Pied Piper. The locomotives, designed by Mécanique Vivante, dance to the rhythm of the music like gangsta lowriders, thanks to  a system of compressed air.

It’s a jubilant, captivating sight, guaranteed to raise smiles.

This polyphonic parade rolls through the streets spreading joy, delight and laughter as it goes: triggered by the sound of a foghorn the parade weaves through the town from encounter to encounter: sirenium (1) solo at the corner of the square – a virtuoso percussionist on orchestral tympani (2)and a flying chainsaw (3) triggering a fog horn

(1) A mechanical, string instrument, the Siréniumcontrols the pitch, tone, rhythm and expression of each siren and     allows the musician to select a siren, and play it live –  generally the melody or counterpoint.

(2) In a marked change from their usual position, hidden away at the back of the orchestra, a set of orchestral tympani take centre stage. With the Siren orchestra, mounted on its  dedicated vehicles on either side, the percussionist performs  a tour de force.

(3) Back after thirty years, the grand return of the which wowed audiences around the world in the famous circus Archaos which gave rise to modern alternative circus. Like a real-life Spiderman, Franz Clochard ascends 15 metres into the air on his chainsaw, triggering the fog horn of the ocean liner ‘France’. A staggering performance which will   have the whole town buzzing.