Circus Factory and The Everyman presents Pitch’d Festival Gala at The Everyman Cork

Witness the crème de la crème of circus performers showcasing their talent in a variety of acts that will leave you dazzled and amazed. From breath-taking aerial displays to mesmerising routines, this Gala show has it all. Imagine a dessert buffet of entertainment with more glitter, splits and “wow moments” than you can handle!

Join us for an unforgettable experience of entertainment that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Hosted by Brian Daly.


Line Up:

Cormac Mohally

Artistic Director of Circus Factory and Pitch’d. Adapted the Shakespearean script for Four Lovers. Winner of the Street Performance World Championship. Star of the RTE Jr show Body Brothers. And for those who don’t know, a Professional Juggler.

Dean Evans

With over twenty years of experience writing, performing, and directing within the art of Mime, Dean Evans holds a unique perspective on the art and its practice. Dean Evans was named one of the top fifty “players” by Newcity magazine.

Lisa Wong

Lisa is a creative artist specialising in aerial arts. She began her aerial journey in 2017 where she has developed a wealth of skills and knowledge from a multitude of aerialists. She has trained in many different aerial apparatus, however she has a grá for aerial silks which she specialises in. Lisa is also a coach at Circus Factory.

Jack Wise

Laddddies and Gentllleeemen….He’s a Magician,Ventriloquist , Sword Swallower and headlining Comedian.It’s time to introduce you to Jack Wise!!! Winner of The Festival performance World Championship and UK family entertainer of the year, Jack has been described by the press as a”Modern day Vaudevillian” as he seamlessly blends hilarious comedy with eye popping magic. His lightning fast adlibs, natural charm and incredible magic have made Jack Wise “the choice” for corporate events all over Ireland and England and for festivals all over the world! So set your face to stunned and hold tight for a rollercoaster ride of comedy mind bending magic!A laugh a minute with the seamless audience interaction in which Jack doesn’t just involve onlookers but makes them part of the show. The show is suitable for all ages. The humour is similar in style to Shrek – in that there are jokes for the adults and humour for the kids and never the twain meet.

Daniel Gonçalves

Daniel was in the Dumbo Movie, from Tim Burton, produced by Disney; Worked with the Russian Company Slava Snow Show; Worked for Roncalli Circus in Swarovski Kristall Welten. They also worked in 29 different countries in four different continents. Daniel Llved in London for 10 years where he graduated and started his Artistic career, with Mattress Circus, his company at the time. Daniela also worked with Chris Lynam in Pop Corn Club Cabaret, Shake´s in Abu Dhabi and Prince Charles in England.He was also part of Victor Frankstein produced by Fox, Ruby Robinson produced by Sky Arts and in Doom 3 in Bollywood.

A Good Catch

The founders and collaborators of A Good Catch are highly experienced and well respected within the performing arts sector. They began acrobatics as children and have enjoyed distinctive careers in Circus and Physical Theatre individually performing with prestigious companies including Cirque du Soleil, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Legs on the Wall and Circus Oz to name a few. Life’s adversities with a pinch of serendipity brought them together.

Cie Circographie

Compagnie Circographie is an emerging juggling and dance company from Lille created in 2019, by choreographer Asaf Mor and the team of its first show, Entre Noeuds. Asaf started research or the show in a masterclass at Pitch’d 2018, where he and the participants created an act for the gala show, and is very excited to bring Entre Noeuds to Cork.

House of Circus

House of Circus is a circus company and a drag house that creates and performs shows, acts and site-specific performances. It was founded by Germain Charlat and Nick van der Heyden, in The Netherlands, where they both obtained their Bachelor diploma at the Academy of Circus and Performance Art.