Event Date 4 September 2020
Time 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Organiser Spraoi and ISACS
Venue/LocationOnline Event

You are invited to join us for PITCH,  a mentoring programme supported by Culture Ireland, created to help develop artists skills in delivering professional pitches about their work to programmers, presenters and stakeholders.

This years artists were chosen by Spraoi from the applications to the NEST programme. Their idea was considered to be interesting and exciting with potential for further development.

The  chosen three artists are:

  • Caoimhe Dunn
  • Claire Sheehan
  • Jessica Doolin

Spectators are welcome to view PITCH 2020 via ZOOM, all you need to do is register for your place through Eventbrite→

What this years PITCH artists hope for:

Getting the chance to  take part in PITCH gives me the impetus  to focus and bring an idea further along the road to creation. I want to up my game, learn as much as I can and develop my own work. Much of my recent work has focused on community led parades and spectacle – I want a chance to develop my own pieces, to push myself creatively and to showcase my own variety of skills.

Caoimhe Dunn

My hope for PITCH is to break through to new levels in the process of creating an idea for a performance piece. To have an idea in ones head is just one piece of this and it would be incredible to work with experienced and talented creatives to help make this idea a reality.

Claire Sheehan

Through PITCH, I hope to gain the skills and the confidence to convey clearly my visual and performance concepts to potential programmers, festival bookers and stakeholders. I hope to learn tips to grow enthusiasm and excitement in others, which inspire them to support my work, my ideas and my practice and therefore help me to develop my full potential professionally.

Jessica Doolin

PITCH 2020 Mentor

We are thrilled to announce that this years mentor is the highly respected Ciaran Walsh, Programme Manager with Culture Ireland.

  • Caoimhe Dunn With Hare

    Caoimhe Dunn

    Caoimhe is a Wexford based artist with over 15 years’ experience working in the arts. An IADT graduate of both Fine Art and Model Making, she has been involved in Street Arts & Spectacle and Youth Arts for many years, starting her career as a puppet and prop maker, performer, and principle Community and Youth Arts Facilitator with Buí Bolg Outdoor Arts.

    Since then, Caoimhe has dedicated much of her time to creating street arts and spectacle with community groups; something she is very passionate about. She strives to give people an opportunity to engage with what she feels is an innate desire to be creative, wild, free and a little absurd.

  • Claire Sheehan

    Claire Sheehan

    Having originally hailed from Dublin, Claire Sheehan is a Galway based artist. Since 2017, she has been working as a Creative Consultant, utilising her qualifications in Journalism and Graphic Design to help businesses with their content creation, digital media, communications and branding.

    Over the last five years, Claire has been involved in circus, pursuing a lifelong passion in art, theatre and performance. As part of her exploration of performing arts, she is building her knowledge and experience with a goal to work towards developing a collective of performers.

  • Jessica Doolin

    Jessica Doolin

    Jessica Doolin is a vibrant and dynamic hula hoop and aerial hoop artist. Originally from Ireland, Jessica has travelled the globe undergoing specialised training in several prestigious acrobatic institutions including Beijing International Acrobatic School and Wuqiao International Acrobatic Institution, to hone her unique skillset.

    After graduating, Jessica performed at the Beijinger Reader Awards opening ceremony from which she became instantly loved, captivating audiences with her unique style and quirky persona. Since then, she has performed on other famous TV talent shows including ‘I Am A Big Star’ in China and ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’, further establishing her career internationally.


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