Event Date 4 - 5 September 2020
Organiser Spraoi and ISACS

Spraoi have once again partnered with the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network to bring you NEST 2020.  As part of an adapted Spraoi Festival, this year’s featured performance style is ‘Walk-About’.

We invite you to come and see the chosen artists  perform live and in person at the Festival on the 4th & 5th of September 2020.

What this years NEST artists hope for:

The NEST mentorship is an invaluable opportunity for me to explore the new character of The Collector, including his mannerisms and interactions with the outside world. To be give the chance to work directly with Spraoi and as part of NEST, it will be of huge benefit to the development of this street theatre act.

Will Flanagan

I am hoping to create a solid walkabout performance around a character and an idea that I have been working on for the past year. I’m looking forward to receiving feedback from the programme mentors and learning from their experience, as well as connecting with other performance artists, introducing them to my work.

Angelica Santander

I’m incredibly excited to take part in this year’s NEST and work with our mentor Con Horgan. Mentorship from such an experienced artist will be invaluable to my work as I am hoping to develop this character and learn more about what works with her out on the street. I have lots of ideas that I can’t wait to explore and I’m ready delve into the specifics of how they will work. I’m ready to showcase my recent lockdown learnings in clown and physical comedy and I am looking forward to interacting with people, discovering what street theatre looks like in a Covid-19 world.

Maria Corcoran

NEST 2020 Mentor

We are thrilled to announce that this years mentor is the highly respected street artist Con Horgan of Fanzini Productions.

  • Will Flanagan The Collector

    Will Flanagan - The Collector

    About Will:

    Based in Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Will is the Artistic Director of Alchemy Arts, a contemporary circus & street theatre company, as well as a being a full-time performer and recording musician. His qualifications include an MA in Theatre & Performative Practices along with a Post-Graduate Degree in Physical Theatre.

    Will began his career as a Juggler, but he later went on to study Clown under Phillippe Gaulier and David Spathaky. As a professional performer he tours nationally and internationally on an ongoing basis and he has presented work in Asia, Russia, Australia and North America. His latest production The Presence will see Will collaborate with videographer Maurice Supple of Blueshed Productions to create an interactive digital circus videostream.

    About The Collector:

    The Collector lives the life of a recluse in a boarded up old shop on a short street with long shadows. Each evening, in his distinctive long coat, bowler hat & old surgical goggles, he makes his way through the streets of Waterford with a light-bulb, looking for  wonderful things that other people throw away & call waste.

    At the end of each evening, having examined those objects under a large magnifying glass, he will reassemble these objects into new, miniature (or not so miniature) sculptures. Little statuettes to a cast out culture in distinctive locations around the city.

  • Angelica Santander Cruinniu Na Nog (003)

    Angelica Santander - Juanita

    About Angelica:

    Angelica is a Chilean Clown, Actress, Director and Facilitator based in Dublin. She works as a freelance artist with her main interests being circus, clown, fire performance and physical theatre. She enjoys the challenge of working in collaboration with others and it is her desire to create worlds that speak to adults and children alike.

    About Junita:

    Come and join Juanita on her personal crusade to help save the world.  She is terribly concerned about the state of the world today, so  she decides to help by cleaning wherever she goes (at her own pace of course!). Being her own boss, she has lots of fun at work, especially during the breaks! Prepare to laugh along with Juanita and her contagious energy and rhythm, and perhaps even throw a few shapes with her.

  • Maria Corcoran as Beryl

    Maria Corcoran - Beryl

    About Maria:

    Maria Corcoran based in Portlaoise, has been performing since 2010. As part of Circo Coranco, which focuses on circus entertainment and outreach, she has performed at  various events showcasing her talent in street theatre, circus theatre, fire shows, cabaret performances as well as  circus skills workshops.

    Maria works regularly with Dublin Circus Project and Cloughjordan Community Circus. She is also one half of the successful duo Strong Women Circus which has toured extensively across the UK with their unique show combining circus and science.

    About Beryl:

    Beryl is a 97 year old woman who is a force to be reckoned with. Old and bold, she has an extra bit of fire in her belly after having cocooned for so long and she is ready to take to the streets with her newfound appreciation for her health. Beryl will whizz around the streets on her unicycle and perform perilous tricks on her zimmer-frame using physical comedy and slapstick techniques.



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