Lunchfest Poster

We are delighted to present to you Lunch Fest this weekend. Coinciding with retail business re-openings Irish street performers will add a little magic, humour, colour and peculiarity for lunchtime shoppers as town centres re-ignite for Christmas.

The ensemble will include jugglers, acrobats, clowns and some other rather more unexpected characters drifting through town centre streets and squares. All are solo-acts, are mobile and will travel and entertain without gathering audiences at any particular fixed location. Lunch Fest will be performed in Wexford, Waterford and Dungarvan over the coming weekend.

Lunch Fest is a small but important gesture to bring artists and audiences together again. We want to bring a little joy back onto streets that have been all but empty for weeks.

Spraoi Director T.V. Honan.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to show that there are safe ways for performers to present their work and for audiences to connect with it. Creativity and imagination are vital elements of living and enjoying life, lets keep the arts alive.

ISACS director Lucy Medlycott

Artists include:

  • Simon Thompson
  • Will Flanagan
  • Tony Mahon
  • Dee Tierney
  • Henrik Gard
  • Claire Sheehan
  • Jessica Doolin
  • Joy Cassidy-O’Keeffe
  • Maria Corcoran
  • Angelica Santander

The Lunch Fest Tour is coordinated by Waterford Spraoi in association with the ISACS Network and supported by The Arts Council, Waterford City & County Council and Wexford County Council.