Calling all emerging circus artists: BOOST is back! Sign up for our online info session next week to ask us anything and everything about our BOOST course.

*What is BOOST?*

BOOST is our three month course for emerging circus artists, it aims to help these artists to develop advanced artistic and conceptual skills in the field of circus. We offer you a space to develop conceptually and technically as an artist, giving you a creative toolkit to challenge the boundaries of your own discipline.

*Who can take part?*

Any emerging circus artist from any circus discipline can apply! We can accommodate a large variety of disciplines, including but not limited to aerials, acrobatics, juggling, clowning and hand balancing.

*When is it?*

The course runs from 9th September to 15th December, with a break for Halloween. For any more questions, we hope you’ll join us for our online info session at 6:30pm next Friday, 12th July. Email us at to sign up!