Welcome – 11.00h – 11.05h CEST

Welcome from Mike Ribalta, Head Área Pro FiraTàrrega.

The 8 main profiles in the PRO Community – 11.05h – 11.35h CEST

Ferran López, director of Teknecultura.

Information session on the “Lab project: Segmenting the FiraTàrrega community”; we will go through some details and share tips to use it in order to improve your professional connections.

6 projects in search of a circuit – 11.40h – 12.30h CEST

  • “SPHERA” – Cia Humanhood. Dance. Small format. Outdoor, indoor non-conventional spaces, theatre (on stage with audience sitting around the set) Lani Huens, producer.
  • “AHIR” – Cia Animal Religion. Contemporary circus, light art and sound. Large format. For theatres, auditoriums, indoor venues. Jaume Nieto, international touring. Quim Girón, creator.
  • “Tonbola” – Cia Hika Teatroa. Physical theatre, text, dance, music. Medium format. For outdoor, multipurpose and large venues. Agurtzane Intxaurraga, creator and director. Teresa Sala, touring.
  • “INO” – Ino Kollektiv (Cia L). Circus, movement, dance, gestural theatre, clown. Medium format. Outdoor. Alba Ramió i Güell, artist, production and touring.
  • “Plomes i Reclams” – Cia Elena Martinell. Text, music and movement. Small-Medium format. For all venues. Elena Martinell, director of Cia Elena Martinell. Àlex Pujol, production and touring.
  • “Boira a les orelles” – Cia Els Pirates Teatre. Theatre, music and movement. Small format. Montse Farrarons, production. Enric Romaní, set-designer of the company.

The first map of street arts of Spain – 12.30h – 12.50h CEST

Ferran Orobitg, member of PATEA.

Presentation of the first interactive map of the outdoor arts sector of Spain, promoted by the association PATEA Amaia Ocerín, technical secretariat of PATEA.

Sneak peek of the “Perform Europe” opening event – 12.50h – 13.00h CEST

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, coordinator of Circostrada.

A preview of the opening event of the new European platform that will support experiments with more sustainable ways in cross-border physical and digital distribution of the performing arts.