We are happy to welcome all our current members once again to our 2021 Annual General Meeting. Like last year and due to Covid-19 restrictions, this meeting will be held via Zoom. So register by Monday 26 April and have your say!


  • Chairperson’s address
  • Minutes of previous 2020 Annual General Meeting & matters arising
  • 2020 Annual Report
  • Nominations to the Board/Election
  • Financial report
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Any other business

Standing for Election on the Board

This year we have 1 open position for members on the Board of ISACS. Nominations are now closed as of Friday 23 April 12 noon. The nominees are:

Jonah McGreevy

Image001Jonah started his life and career in circus arts in Dublin a little over a decade ago. Initially focusing on partner acrobatics and doubles aerial, he quickly became interested in producing shows and figuring out all the logistical, technical, administrative, interpersonal and artistic work that goes into making successful productions. He is one of the founders and co-artistic director of the multi-award winning Loosysmokes.

I’m interested in being on the board of ISACS to support the continued development of the organization. I think our art forms are really important culturally because they have the ability to draw in audiences that are not typical theatre goers or patrons of the arts. Outside of making amazing shows that are a great nights out for people, we can play a vital role in bridging gaps and barriers in society by creating shared cultural experiences and moments. I spent my younger years in the United States working as a union organizer, political consultant and agitator and have experience building large membership organizations, organizing and pressuring politicians for change.

William Frode de la Foret

William HeadshotWilliam is an undisciplined artist born in France, living in Cork and making art with people in various contexts since 1993. His practice is shaped by his belief that the arts represent an infinite field of possibilities for people and cannot be reduced to academic, institutional and market driven conceptions and that everybody has the right to create art, to engage with the making of culture and its representation on one’s own terms.

William, is artistic director of Cork Community Art Link , a community art organisation based in the Lido in Blackpool Cork .He has developed, directed and facilitated a large number of community outreach projects and long term arts programmes including a pioneering 10 year programme in Our Lady’s psychiatric hospital Cork, “What if” (whatif.ie) a programme exploring participatory public art practice, Rebel streets a youth participatory streets arts programme ,and the Dragon of Shandon, the traditional Cork Samhain community parade.

The reasons for my candidacy are simple. I have over thirty years’ experience in creating art, through a variety of mediums, with people in the public space. I would like to continue to contribute and encourage the ongoing development of street arts in Ireland in new ways. I would be able to offer a perspective which is rooted in community practice, and informed by a strong belief in cultural democracy. Admission to ISACS BoM presents an opportunity to further participate in the creation of art in the public space, meet, collaborate and exchange ideas with my peers and bring more to the people and communities I work with.


As an active member of ISACS you have the opportunity to vote for the board. You can do that:

  • Virtually, by attending the AGM via Zoom on Thursday 29 April.
  • Via a proxy attendance form available below, sent to info@isacs.ie no later than Monday 26 April 2021 if you can not attend the AGM.


To attend the AGM please register by Monday 26 April via Eventbrite→

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