This performance features a breath-taking retelling of one of Ireland’s most treasured myths, the story of Cuchulainn and Ferdia at the Ford from the Táin Bo Cuailgne, the legendary Cattle Raid of Cooley. This unique version is brought to life by a multi-prop fire performance by fire performer Aidan Ring and by live, acoustic music.

Through the immersive combination of story-telling, music and fire performance, this show animates the senses but also the imagination. The show format is inspired by our ancient druidic cultures’ use of rituals like ‘imbas forosnai’ to achieve visionary inspiration and, thus, it aims to bring the audiences on a thrilling and hypnotic journey. The story celebrate themes of honour, brotherhood, identity and links with the natural world. By reintroducing modern audiences to a 2,000 year old myth in a way that is vibrant playful and alive, the show shines a light on what it means to be Irish and reminds the audience of what a beautiful thing it is to be connected to this ancient land, its history and culture. The Áras Chrónáin Irish Cultural Centre in Clondalkin provides a perfect setting for this show where it will complement an evening of traditional music and conversations as Gaeilge.

More broadly, the use of fire to invigorate the narrative taps into the power of the fireside as a place of connection where we humans have told stories and exchanged powerful ideas since time immemorial. This is as true of Ireland as anywhere else and it is this link of fire with nature, story and identity which this show aims to explore in a way that is truly unforgettable.