Post Brexit Northern Ireland sits in the unique position of being part of the UK and also shares a land border with Ireland and subsequently the EU.

Are you an artist who is planning to tour or work in Northern Ireland or a local organisation hosting international artists? You might be planning a tour across the island of Ireland and/or the UK, and unsure what is required in terms of visas?

This informal information session is aimed at artists and creative professionals travelling to Northern Ireland and engaged in short-term work (e.g. co-productions, part of a tour, or stand-alone activity).

This session will look at immigration visa and entry requirements and provide context to the unique issues to consider when entering Northern Ireland, and working across the land border.

British and Irish nationals have the right to work and move freely across Ireland and Britain under the Common Travel Area (CTA) rules without the need for visas.

Therefore, this session is more likely to be of interest to incoming international artists beyond the UK and Ireland.

Or you could be an organisation, producer, promoter, or agent working with international artists who have plans to visit Northern Ireland.

Understandably movement of goods is also part of touring and working across borders, however Arts InfoPoint UK won’t be explicitly covering it in this session.  They will be focussing on movement of people. A future session on the movement of goods is planned.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions, however, advice on individual cases or scenarios during this session will not be provided.

The session will be recorded and will be on our website for further reference.

Contributor: Úna Boyd, Immigration Project Solicitor & Coordinator, The Committee on the Administration of Justice