The ISACS Network is delighted to host an Info Session on Tuesday 26 July, at 10:00 am, via Zoom.

We will give you an update on all the steps ISACS have been taking around Insurance and Health and Safety matters.

The online event will be facilitated by ISACS Chairperson Jonah McGreevy.

Come along and find out how we can make a change together! Don’t miss this opportunity to make our voice heard.

Key Topics

  • Insurance – Data Portal
  • Health and Safety Self-Audit


Insurance Data Portal – to fill in the form please click here.

Health and Safety Self-Audit survey – a preview is available to be downloaded if you wish to see the questions in advance before completing the audit:Self Certification of Safe Practices in Circus, Street Arts and Spectacle

Completion of this quality assurance self-audit is entirely independent and is non-compulsory. To receive the online form please email Amanda Usher at

If you decide to fill in the form, at completion you will receive a copy of your audit to keep for your own records that could be used when renewing your insurance policies.

About Jonah McGreevy

Jonah Headshot

Jonah started his life and career in circus arts in Dublin a little over a decade ago. Initially focusing on partner acrobatics and doubles aerial, he quickly became interested in producing shows and figuring out all the logistical, technical, administrative, interpersonal and artistic work that goes into making successful productions. He is one of the founders and co-artistic director of the multi-award winning Loosysmokes.