If there’s time for the loud, there’s also time for the quiet. If there’s time for the fast, there’s also a need for the slow.

In everyone’s heart is a desire to change things for the better – it is essential that there is an activists toolkit that is as diverse as humanity.

Craftivist Collective has helped change laws, policies, hearts and minds around the world through their slower, quieter and more intimate form of activism rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology.

Founder Sarah Corbett will talk us through the benefits of using the process of craft to help the maker engage deeply and thoughtfully in social change issues whilst crafting alone or with others. As well as how the final handmade product can be used in different ways, from offering bespoke gifts, to powerholders encouraging them to use their power carefully and as a catalyst for a critical friendship between craftivists and decision-makers, rather than aggressive enemies. And how you can make small provocative street art to create conversation online and offline where social change isn’t discussed, as well as how objects can be made for the craftivist to keep as a physical reminder of their part in change they wish to see in the world.

This event will explain the theory and practice of gentle craftivism, case studies, testimonies and time for questions.