During the ongoing ISACS Lift Residency at Wexford Arts Centre, artist Barry Cahill is exploring the concept of the contemporary Bouffon. The Bouffon were traditionally those people who were exiled from society yet made scathing public commentary concerning despots and dictatorship.

This Friday, 24th of November 2023, Barry will present his work with an intimate and private short performance, using the clown archetype of the hobo to engage with the audience while challenging their concept of someone who is houseless but not homeless. Be prepared to laugh, cry and reflect on the human condition.

Note: This piece is for an adult audience, with the suggested age guide being 13 years old and over.

You are invited to a work-in-progress initial showing of the results of five days of residency through the LIFT programme.

LIFT is presented by the ISACS Network in partnership with Wexford Arts Centre. This residency offers mentoring and creation space for duo ground-based circus artists via an open-call residency. LIFT is supported by the County Wexford Arts Department, Wexford County Council and The Arts Council of Ireland.