Ground Based Course | Professional Development

Join us at Circus Factory for a Ground Based Course to develop yourself and your practice.

Over 4 days we will facilitate workshops on partner and solo acrobatics, handstands, dance and creative exploration aimed at anyone wanting to improve or better integrate floor skills into their practice. Open to those with and without experience.

About the training

We will look together at the foundations for Hand to Hand; Technique, Safe Practice and building Strength & Trust. Having spent years training and working professionally as part of a hand to hand partnership I know intimately the challenges and joys of practicing as a duo. This workshop will cover both the technical and experiential elements of hand to hand, including: Hand to Hand, Foot to Hand, Communication, Roles & Responsibilities. You don’t need a partner, I encourage all participants to base and fly, and no previous experience is required. For those with previous experience, extra material will be provided to match your level.

Partner Acrobatics (Flow)

This workshop will be an exploration of two bodies working fuidly together. We will look at what it is to move together through inversions, rolls, and lifts without making them hard work. We will look at where to implement tension, softness and correct placement in partner acrobatic work. The session will start with some foundational starter phrases and then open up to developing your own unique vocabulary.

Partner Acrobatics (Dynamic)

Classic acrobatics, how do we fly together? This workshop will look at the dynamic aspect of partner work including: Pitching, Icarian Games, Release from Hand to Hand/Foot to Hand. We will work together as a group to safely learn the foundations of generating energy, and synchronicity in timing for dynamic partner acrobatic work.

Interrupting Momentum:

This is a creative exploration workshop, the aim of which is to discover new acrobatic possibilities when an external force is introduced to an acrobatic motion after its initial impetus. Participants of the workshop should ideally already have a decent awareness of their body in space, as we will be opening our bodies to the unexpected, the need to react quickly, to re-find one’s orientation in the moment. However progress will be gradual and controlled with safety as a priority.

About Joshua Frazer

A performance artist (Acrobat/Base/Cyr Wheel/Unicycle/ Duo unicycle) who graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts, London in 2016 and has been creating collaborative circus art ever since.

He is a co-founder of the Living Room Circus company and has performed Internationally with companies such as Circa, Garsington Opera, Fauna Circus, ConTakt Circus, Metta Theatre, A Movement of Humans and Ockhams Razor.

He has an interest in creating diverse, innovative and original work that challenge audiences and keeps the art form of circus growing and changing.