Join us for an electrifying evening as the talented tutors of Galway Community Circus take centre stage to dazzle and inspire. This special performance will showcase the creativity, skill, and passion of our tutors, offering a glimpse into the magic they bring to our members and community.

Scratch Night is a cabaret-style performance opportunity, similar to open-mic nights, where artists perform a sequence or routine of their own creation. At Galway Community Circus, we often host youth-led Scratch Nights run and performed by our youth members. Tutor Scratch Night is a special performance featuring our incredible tutors.

Prepare to be amazed, entertained, and uplifted as our tutors shine bright under the spotlight, igniting sparks of inspiration for all who attend. This dynamic showcase of talent and artistry will make the Circus come alive with energy and excitement!

This event is FREE and open to the public. Booking is required here:

Donations are welcome at the door. The performance will take place in the Circus Hall at St. Joseph’s Community Centre in Shantalla.


Freddy Burrows
Isabela Mello
Juliette O’Donnell
Davi Hora
Gabriella Armini
Anna Fogarty
Sophie Bernhold
Lisa O’Farrell