The ISACS Network is delighted to attend FiraTàrrega – one of Europe’s largest Street Arts Festivals – once more.

The Festival’s mission is to foster creativity, innovation, and artistic production, and to explore the potential of public space and street arts. Their aim is to create alliances based on networking, partnerships and synergies with the sector’s organisations, to broaden the opportunities within the performing arts market in the national and international sphere.

Focus Irlanda

Interested in learning more about the art scene and artists of Ireland? Join us for a tipple in La Llotja at 12.30 pm on Saturday 10th September and discover this unique culture from the edge of Europe, influenced by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and a long standing history of coming and going!

We will introduce you to the ISACS artists performing in this years  FiraTàrrega programme – Hands Down Circus -Graham Milligan and Carys Nicholls, as well as Chris McAuley who performs with Belgian company Circumstances. Meet with over 25 other Irish delegates – artists, makers, festival programmers, policymakers, arts producers and more.

Supported by Culture Ireland.

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In addition, ISACS will participate as guests in the Balearic breakfast on Friday 9th at 9.30 am in the Jardi Pro, where we will be presenting our Art-Illa | International exchange programme with the Balearic islands, with artists Jude Penders, Gill Byrne, Rosa Forteza and Alejandro Navarro.

The Irish delegation

ISACS FiraTàrrega Booklet