Established in 1981, Fira Tarrega has been a beacon of light in the development of performing arts; striving for cultural democratisation, inclusion, equality, accessibility, sustainability and transparency. The main focus of their work is on creation for public space, working across and between a diversity of mediums.

ISACS has been attending this festival for many years now, bringing a strong Irish presence and building many international connections and partnerships here. In 2021 we are delighted to present ISACS artist Laura Murphy with her production Abacus.

This will not be simply a new edition, but rather the edition to celebrate meeting again in person.

The fair pavilion La Llotja will be the Area Pro. The meeting point and international market, with professional gatherings, mapping of the sector and networking actions.

The Area Pro will have a lower density inside and new outside locations to ensure safe meetings, and the professional registration will allow a maximum of 2 delegates per organisation, to allow the presence of a greater number of structures.

The Artistic Programme

FiraTàrrega proposes an artistic programme that pivot around identities, territories, involvement and reflection. With 50 shows, 18 premieres and maintaining a strong commitment to outdoor arts. The artistic proposals revolve around such suggestive themes as migration, flight, the transmedia narrative, the diversity of bodies, intersexuality, etc… without leaving out projects that revere calmness, contemplation and also humour and the -so necessary- celebration of laughter.

The venues of la Fira multiply

To accommodate an edition still conditioned by the pandemic, Fira has multiplied the venues and formats. The outdoor programme can be seen in 4 limited access city-spaces, participative experience shows, installations and the new transmedia proposal.

There will be performances in non-conventional venues and indoor programming. The Espai La Paraula is created to hold music, radio and poetry.