Erebidae are delighted to announce the debut of a glorious new show, returning to Irish stages for Culture Night Dublin (online event) and Culture Night Cavan (Ballyjamesduff Teach Solas Arts festival.)

This is Erebidae’s first return to the culture night stage since “Who’s There” 2019 at Dublin Circus Project, and our first show in an entire year! ( Since “Beings of Phagnan” 2020.)

We are overjoyed to bring you ancient Celtic tales of Eiru, of Banba, Fódla, of Morrigan, Badb, Nemain and Macha. This will be an enchanting display through the arts of storytelling, fire dancing and live music.

Tales will be told to commemorate the strength and magic of Irish women, as portrayed through our mythology.

Links and details to the online event will be available on the Erebidae Circus Instagram and Facebook Pages. We will also be presenting the show live on the square of Ballyjamesduff, Cavan at 8:30pm on September 17th.

Our wonderful cast consists of :

Polina Shapkina (myself, director and performer)

Aoife Kavanagh (director, storyteller)

Ru O’Sea (Musical director and performer)

Gill Byrne (fire performer)

Brona Howard (fire performer)

Claire Higgins ( fire and contortion performance)

We look forward to presenting our offering for Culture Night 2021 and have high hopes for the development and expansion of the show into summer 2022.