This event launches and celebrates Fidget Feet’s first ever Strategic Plan for 2022-26. This work was made possible by funding from the Arts Council’s Capacity Building Support Scheme.

Whatever your inner conversation may be, this talk is for you. Chantal and the other artists would like to share with you how the process was, what the learnings are. We all agreed that Fidget Feet is a family and we are an artists-lead performance company, so if we going to do a Strategic Plan then we’ll do it as artists. We used this process to empower us, and now share this learning to help other artists to be leaders in their own artistic journey when creating important documents.

In the second half of the event you will get to hear from four international creative leaders that Chantal interviewed as part of her research in writing the Strategic Plan. All five leaders started their journeys as artists and are now wearing many different hats, and are all extremely inspiring. We have invited Mark Robinson to facilitate this part of the event to really open up a juicy conversation on artists and leadership.

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