A Little Room presents Give it a Go, Dodo, a new work-in-progress show written and performed by Barry Cahill.

Give it a Go, Dodo is the story of a day in the life of an indecisive man, Dodo the lazy, hungry beggarman.

“There’s just no go in that, there, Dodo fella”. You might see him make a sudden burst, out through a gap in the briars into a field, or you might see a blade of grass between his lips, and look, he has a large head, just like the cabbages he stole outa that field.

Will he sell the cabbages in town? Will he get caught? Will he learn to cook cabbage? Will he ever quench his desire to wander? Will he give up his aul ways and just get a job? A real job? Would he not get his act together?Probably not, but ya can never underestimate the element of surprise with the Dodo, and the go of him!

Tickets for the performance by Barry are free of charge, but spaces are limited and you must pre-book your place beforehand.