ISACS is thrilled to bring DELVE back to Spraoi Festival, Waterford with this year’s selected artists, Valerie Bryce and Claire McKervey!

DELVE: Discover, Explore, Learn, Visualise and Engage – aims to support artists to experience and be inspired by art through various festivals and programmes throughout Ireland. We go, we see, we watch, we listen, we learn, we connect with art and art makers, and we get inspired.

Valerie and Claire will join the ISACS team attending the Festival from August 4th to 6th 2023.

Their programme of activities will include the ISACS Pro Programme and invaluable opportunities to be introduced to national and international artists, producers and festival programmers. Get to know Valerie and Claire here→

Full details on the Spraoi Festival programme can be found here→

This programme is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.