Improve your ability to give, receive and understand feedback at this Critical Feedback Workshop at Circus Factory

This workshop includes learning the tools and techniques for effective feedback, watching a work in progress and applying what you learned to what you just saw!

About the Critical Feedback Workshop

Often what we say isn’t what we really mean. Often what we hear isn’t what people really want to tell us. Learn how to give useful feedback on any subject. Learn how to listen for what people actually mean.

This critical feedback methodology workshop uses a very specific methodology to accomplish these aims in reference to circus arts, but the lessons learned are also relevant outside of this context. You will never think about giving feedback the same way again.

We will examine common mistakes people make when offering feedback and apply tools to overcome them using techniques based on ancient philosophy and modern psychology. You will develop a better understanding of your own thought processes, which will enable you to better communicate your ideas and opinions to other people. You will also develop tools to discuss art in a deeper and more constructive manner.

The tools you learn will empower you to understand yourself better and understand art better, to be non judgemental but extremely incisive.