This year, we are up to something big and different. Come down to Macnas HQ at Fisheries Field, Galway to see CON MÓR, The Giant situated on the banks of the River Corrib on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October 2022.

Inventors and explorers from all over the world are baffled by evidence of an ancient giant living underneath the Macnas workshop at Fisheries Field in Galway city. Professor Marjorie Morrigan, an expert Giants & Where They Come From, said – “This giant seems to have been here for centuries. There is a very large iron nose, so big and rusty,  you could park a car in one of the nostrils.”

Professor Marjorie Morrigan went on to confirm that this big fella belongs to the legendary Tuatha De Danann tribe. His name is CON MÓR and he comes from an ancient Island of Giants off the coast of Connaught. Con Mór was so famous across Ireland for his love of birds and nature, his friends used to call him The Bird King!  And Macnas have indeed reported loads of birds flying about the Macnas workshop, with nests appearing in the workshop itself and all the trees surrounding their HQ.

To help welcome Con to Fisheries Field, Macnas  are asking children (and grown ups) to make, find or bring a feather to Macnas over the Halloween Bank Holiday Weekend, along with their message of hope attached to the feather, and give it to Con Mór.

Download Creative Pack here

Professor Marjorie  Morrigan has confirmed that children who cannot visit Con in person with their feather & message of hope, can email a picture to, or put it in the post addressed to Con Mór -The Giant, C/O Macnas HQ , Fisheries Field, Galway, Ireland.

Con Mór, The Giant will be open to visitors to see from 12 noon – 8pm, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th at Macnas, Fisheries Field, Galway. The Bank Holiday weekend will also see pop-up performances from the Macnas Drummers, Macnas Brass, Macnas Stilters and Macnas Youth Theatre across the city.


And one for the diary! We are excited to confirm that our world-famous Macnas parade will be back on the streets of Galway in 2023, and scheduled to make its return at Halloween next year!