Our intensive 2 day workshop in Dublin and Cork!

We will be focusing on: the pleasure of play, being, listening, urgency, connecting with your emotions and playing with them, group communication, being available with to train the non-verbal communication, follow the impulse through, express your ridiculousness, your poetry, your art, shearing yourself and vulnerability and organize the energy to enhance your feelings and your deep look.

( Connection, Presence, Humanity, Self-expression, Play, Community, Authenticity, Risk taking/Stepping out of the Comfort zone, Being seen, Listening, Expressions of the Ridiculous,Performance, Freedom of expression and Playing )

We going to practice the technique of clown as a unique tool and powerful way of communication



and confidence building. These intensive clown it´s for actors, actresses, magicians, dancers, musicians, comedian, etc or anyone who feels the necessity to play and explore the technique of the clown.


What you will get from the event

Improvisation exercises

The notion of your clown world

Tools for your confidence

Sharing honestly with vulnerability and sensitivity

Fisght with your own comfort

Play and accept failure

Having fun timeAccept your ridiculousness

Connect with others honestly

Time for you our pleasure

Feel the joy of being

Playing makes everything smoother and more pleasant


Bursaries spots Available

email rrathergather@gmail.com


Sign up

Dublin 17-18 May in the link above

Cork 18-19 12-4pm Free flow studios link: