Gaza Women’s Yoga and Circus Hub Fundraiser

WHEN: November 18th & 25th

WHERE: Cork, Dublin, Sligo and Belfast

In addition to the soaring number of people killed and injured in the ongoing attacks on Gaza, the livelihood, physical health, mental health, customs and way of life of countless others have been destroyed.

The Gaza Women’s Yoga and Circus Hub, located in Gaza City, aims to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of girls and women in Gaza, using a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellbeing that combines social circus, yoga and meditation. Amidst a near total absence of access to recreational and sporting activities for  women and girls in Gaza, the Hub is a space where women and girls can build relationships, trust and a supportive community while also gaining physical strength and new skills.

All 30 of the women connected with the Hub have been displaced under the current bombardment. Many are staying in houses with up to 50 people, and some are living in cars. They have trouble finding food, and they can’t flush toilets – an impossible situation for a woman who has her period. Some of them are pregnant. Even when the current violence ends, their homes have been destroyed and they have no way of generating an income. “I’m uncomfortable and the night is terrifying and dark”, one of them said. “I act like I’m strong some of the time, but at night I collapse.” Another told us “I’ve lost control of myself, I can’t take it.”

On 18th & 25th November, special circus shows will run in Cork, Dublin, Sligo and Belfast to raise funds to help the women. All funds will be given directly to the women as cash assistance so they can decide for themselves how best to use it. Tickets are available here. For those who can’t make it but would still like to help, it’s possible to donate online here.

Jenny Higgins, founder of the Gaza Women’s Yoga and Circus Hub, is an Irish circus coach and aid worker based in Jordan. She said “Even if they survive the bombing, just surviving day to day is becoming increasingly impossible. Cash assistance like this is the most dignified way to provide support to people in a crisis situation.”

Kate Dunne, a circus artist from Dublin who has worked directly with the women in Gaza and is organising the Dublin event, said “They don’t know each night whether they’ll be alive the next morning. One of the coaches from the Hub told us this was the best thing we could do for them.”

Brenda Long, a circus artist from Cork and organiser of the Cork event, said “It is important to show solidarity with Palestinians in the face of the extreme violence they are being subjected to, and do whatever we can to assist where we can. It’s vital that this money is raised urgently.”


Kate Dunne

Brenda Long

Aileen Ferris

Eimear Ni Mhaoldomnaigh