With support from an Arts Council Bursary Tina, one half of the legendary Tumble Circus, opened a conversation about ageing within the circus sector.

“I’m part of the first generation of contemporary circus performers now getting older in Ireland and I’m not thinking of stopping anytime soon. But…. Mountains of admin get in the way of learning lassos on a vertical rope, making excel sheets look colourful is not as rewarding as decorating a big top and it’s not as easy as it used to be, I am not as brave and I don’t recover as quickly.”

Tina will open a discussion/chat about people’s stories and thoughts about keeping performing or leaving performing as we all inevitably age.

Circus and Getting Older a Circus FactorySeptember 16th / 12PM

Free tickets – https://www.pitchdfestival.ie/event/circus-and-getting-older

Part of Pitch’d Circus and Street Arts Festival.