An international conference on technical, physical and psychosocial safety within the circus sector

Throughout their careers, circus practitioners move from one role to another. From informal to formal scenarios, taking up roles as educators, artists or organisers; creating or performing, both on-stage and behind the scenes. While moving between these worlds, safety is key. Because life in the circus is all about questioning boundaries, bending rules and changing perspectives, often while in close interaction with others. How can we provide a safe environment and take care of ourselves and others?

Join the conference on technical, physical and psychosocial safety within the circus sector. The conference runs parallel to MAD Festival (11-14 April 2024) and MAD Convention (12-14 April 2024). We invite you to exchange, inspire and be inspired by taking part in our conference ‘Circus – a safe(r) space for danger’,  Antwerp, 10-12 April 2024.

Pre-order your conference ticket

Excited to participate in the conference? You can already pre-order your conference ticket now! We’ve set the ticket price at 90 euro. This includes participation in the conference programme and conference catering. In the beginning of February the full programme will be published online. Ticket holders will then receive an email to indicate two preferences per workshop series, so we can guarantee a qualitative delivery of each workshop. Only 120 tickets are available so make sure to secure your participation!

Note: Tickets to shows of MAD Festival are not included in the conference fee. More info and tickets on MAD Festival website.

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Get your fee waived

Eager to participate but limited budget? We offer the possibility of a fee waiver. This means that selected applicants can participate in the conference without paying the conference fee of 90 euro. We offer this option to circus professionals who otherwise would not be in the capacity to attend the conference. Professionals who are affiliated to a (subsidized) structure can not apply.

Deadline for application: 17 March 2024.

The application for a fee waiver will be assessed by the organising team of ‘Circus – a safe(r) space for danger’.Questions? Contact us Subject: fee waiver

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Organised by

  • Circuscentrum
  • MAD Festival
  • Ell Circo D’ell Fuego

In partnership with

  • European Youth Circus Organisation (EYCO)
  • Caravan
  • National Lottery