Rush hour. In Tokyo, the hush of the patient crowd is like a collective meditation. In New York, musicians play louder as a subway train screeches to a halt. Every geography has a unique soundscape, and its tempo, rhythm and pitch are clues to the cultural values of its people. If circus is a culture, what does the culture of circus sound like? Join us for Circosonic’s third public discussion to chat about circus as a culture and its sound. As part of Cirkus Syd and the Circus Thinkers Platforms new project Circosonic this discussion is the third in a series about circus and sound.

This discussion will be followed by a holiday social! \All are welcome!

Everyone is welcome to join. You do not need to have been part of the project or any of the previous discussions, just sign up, we’d love to talk with you.

This project is funded by Kulturbryggan.

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