Breathe: Circus to Make You Gasp

An outdoor ecology circus show about recovery

Breathe is a lyrical, exciting, relevant performance about the pathway from excess and exhaustion to recovery, expressed through astounding and unusual circus.

Tackling ecology and wellbeing, Breathe is a circus show for all ages filled with the hope of recovering together.

We all need time to recover, time to breathe. Through circus, Breathe illustrates how the Earth also needs to be nurtured. It’s exhausted, over-mined, deforested, on fire. We’ve used up all its resources. The performers have used up all their resources too, so fail. Only when they take a rest, recuperate, can they do their astonishing acts again – and the Earth recover too.

Performance at 11.00. Workshop at 12.00 (limited places). Unplug at the Snooze Inn at 15.00 – lie back and listen to soothing words on headphones with your friends and family on giant bean bags in a dedicated chill out space under the sky.