Breaking Ground was designed in line with the Arts Council’s strategy ‘Making Great Art Work 2016 – 2025’ document and focuses on empowering artists with self-directed approaches to creating more sustainable and productive careers in the arts.

Andrew conceived the project in response to the ever increasing pace of change in our world and the challenges faced by freelance creatives in either adapting or accommodating to it. In 2021 Andrew worked with a full cohort of 15 artists from across the country (Belfast, Waterford, Wicklow and Cork), from multiple disciplines and ranging in age from 23 – 43.

The course is a combination of facilitated group workshops and 1-2-1 career coaching. The training material is research and evidence based. It borrows from much of the advances in career development thinking over the last 30yrs which focuses specifically on how to manage careers in the context of unpredictable, complex, and rapidly changing industries, like our creative sector.

There will be a focus on the sub-skills of career development in the arts including:

  • Meaning, Motives and Values.
  • Future Planning Creating a career path.
  • Extending & exploiting skills.
  • Communication Skills.

If you are unavailable to join the informational webinar on Wednesday you can alternatively view a recording of the last information webinar here.

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