Participatory arts and circus.Visions, perspectives and methodologies.Nicola Borghesi & Enrico Baraldi

The deadline for registration is 21 February 2024 or when maximum capacity is reached [20 participants]. The workshop has free access, and registration is mandatory.


BETA CIRCUS Participatory experience is a cooperation project that aims to create an European transnational opportunity to explore the participatory circus as a future trend to engage the public participation in the circus creative process, letting the audience to become co-authors, editors, and observers of the artistic work. Applying the participatory arts methodology to the contemporary circus scene will promote the engaging of the local community of the intervention place with a full and integrated creation process applied to unconventional spaces for artistic presentation, including the public space, connecting contemporary arts to the immaterial local cultural heritage by the voice of the inhabitants as co-creators with professional artists.

Providing a better European dissemination of the key-values of the project, the expert mentors will guide online workshops (2 hours each) during the Winter 2024, with free access to performing arts professional, diving in their experiences of participatory arts methodology, questioning the definition and anticipating how circus arts can benefit from the effective relation with participatory arts.

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Kepler-452 is a theater company created in 2015 in Bologna and nurtured an ambition, a desire, an urgency: to open the doors of theatres, go out, observe, through the lens of the stage, what is outside, in the unshakeable conviction that reality has a autonomous dramaturgical force, just waiting to be staged. The theatrical formats created by Kepler-452 range from the involvement on stage of non-professionals (or world-actors, as we prefer to call them) on the basis of their biographies, to theatrical reportages that transform investigations into reality into performative moments, to the creation of audio-guided itineraries and other devices for interacting with the urban space. Starting in 2018, a production journey begins with ERT / Teatro Nazionale which leads to the creation, of The Cherry Orchard – Thirty years of happiness on loan for use, a show that won the Critical Network Award, in which the Chekhov’s text meets the story of an eviction that actually happened in Italy in 2015. For the Museum of Memory of Ustica, in 2019, they created It’s absurd to think that planes fly, which attempts to reconstruct the biographies of some of the victims of the accident involving the DC-9 in 1980. Kepler also creates a long series of audio-guided tours entitled Lapsus Urbano, which explore urban spaces in an attempt to overturn the everyday view of cities. In the pandemic period, the company offered various “interstitial” formats, animated by the desire to dialogue with the restrictions and not give up the possibility of the theater at a time when this is apparently impossible. In 2022 the company won the Daily bread tender of Stronger Peripheries, accessing a series of residencies between Italy and Hungary.