This aerial workshop is open to a range of skillsets of students who wish to explore their own boundaries of creative research and sequencing.


By working with different improvisation techniques and sequences, you’ll find a your own quality of movement and learn how to develop it to new highs. Discovering new drops, wraps, spins and untangle beautiful creations of your own.

This creative and technical workshop will provide the tools of a deeper research into the basis of creating a performance, invoking different archetypes and techniques into one’s body and owning it without judgment.

The knowledge you’ll get from this workshop will stay with you, both on a creative level, but also the tools to keep your aerial body in shape and performance-ready.


Note: This workshop can be done on any apparatus.



Alexandre Duarte creates sensory performance experiences filled with symbolic meanings as his main method of expression.

He is committed to the idea that everything is choreography, including light, sound, movement, installation and design; weaving every element together into a tapestry of creation, representative of his ultimate visions.Duarte’s creations traverse an ultimate range of emotional and psychological conditions created from fragments of parallels personal experiences and larger social realities.


His work uses subversive occult messages to reflect and respond to contemporary culture, people, beliefs and places; committing to institutional critique, social engagement and generating works that activate the public sphere by questioning the old ways of being and existing.


Alex will be in the IACC 6-11th Feb 2023 and available for private lessons.