This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners to AcroYoga or those who have some experience (a workshop or some classes). It will include yoga flows, partner conditioning, basic L-basing acrobatics (with variations for those seeking a challenge) and a guided Thai Massage exchange to top it all off.

AcroYoga combines yoga with partner acrobatics and the therapeutic elements of partner yoga and Thai massage. It follows the yogic principle of union and invites students to apply the lessons of yoga to their relationships with others. Through communication and trust, students learn to strengthen relationships and achieve wonderful things together. Apart from achieving acrobatic goals, AcroYoga aims to bring laughter and joy to everyone who practices it and a deeper sense of connection to oneself and others.

Christine started yoga over 20 years ago and has been teaching for 12 years. She first discovered AcroYoga at a workshop in Galway in 2012. She was instantly in love with this blend of yoga and partner acrobatics for the way it brings people together and cultivates trust. In 2016, she completed her certification with AcroYoga International. Since then, she has been teaching weekly classes in Limerick and regular workshops in Limerick and Galway. She is a lover of travel and is inspired by the way AcroYoga brings people together regardless of culture and language.

Spanning the dynamic and the somatic, Brendan has a diverse background in movement disciplines that he utilises in his practise and his teaching. In 2013 he discovered yoga, which opened his eyes to a whole other way of using the body, of connecting and harmonising with it. A year later, Fiona Ashley brought AcroYoga to Cork for the first time. Fortunately, Brendan was in the right place at the right time and ended up at one of the first classes held here. Now he teaches 4 classes weekly in Cork City, as well as monthly jams, acro parties and regular workshops. He regularly engages with trainings abroad to hone his skills and bring back more knowledge to the local communities. Fun and fiery define his teaching style!