A post office at the hawthorn. Yes, at the fairy tree. The kind of tree that changes the route of motorways. The kind of tree the gardener refuses to cut down. Not because anyone believes in them. Just in case. You never know. There have been rumors. People gone missing. They got postcards, invitations to meet up with the other folk. I wouldn’t know anything about that – I just deliver the mail.

If you choose to go with them – well, there is nothing I can do. A solo immersive audio experience accessed via postcards from the otherworld. The first episode – Grandmother, Monster, Spirit – consists of three invitations to listen at site-sympathetic locations. You will need headphones, a device with internet connection and access to your bedroom, to a public toilet and to a river. Preferably THE river Corrib, but others will do, too.

Created by Jenni Nikinmaa with Jack Cawley, Dramaturg Sarah Hoover.

Supported by Galway Theatre Festival & Fishamble Dramaturgy Programme.