The Arts Council in partnership with Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Galway and Creative Europe Desk Ireland will present the FESTIVAL MAKERS CONFERENCE on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th May 2023 in Galway City.


The two-day conference will feature: a Keynote address from Kim Cook, Director of Creative Initiatives, Burning Man Festival, Black Rock, US; Panel discussions include Festival Producing and Building Partnerships as well as workshops to guide festivals on environmental sustainability and good governance practices. Delegates are also invited to attend the Creative Europe Reception on the evening of day one, which provides opportunities for festivals to learn more about developing International Partnerships and meet with artists.


In addition to the organised programme there will be space and time made available for festivals to network with other festival makers, festival stakeholders and artists making work in a festival context.


Full programme information can be found here along with conference updates. Preferential accommodation rates have been organised for conference delegates and these can be found here. Please note that these rates are subject to availability and offered for a limited time only.


Tickets are directly available hereearly booking is advised as ticket availability is limited.