4343 – Levitate…Alan Davis (Curator/Exhibitor) Amanda Usher, Shannon Gleeson, Angela Sanina, Tiola O’Rafferty, Ita Grattan, Ciaran O’Brien, Darragh Bierney, Padraig Sinnott, Ciara Byrne, Úna Murphy, Éimear Murphy, Sinead Griffey, and Leon Doyle.

Individual response in relation to personal journey and/or meditation.

)4343 is a group of artists who graduated from IT Carlow (SETU) Wexford Campus School of art and design, during the pandemic years of 2020/21.

Fourth and Third year degree students from each year had their end of year exhibitions forestalled due to pandemic restrictions. (Hence the group name )4343)

With help and support from IT Carlow, the group exhibited work in 2022, both in Creative Hub Wexford, and Wexford Arts Centre.

)4343 Levitate – will run from the 27th of February until the 30th of April 2023, with updates and changes to the art throughout the exhibit. With that in mind please feel free to return to the site at any time and enjoy the art herein.

Supported by Red Books Wexford.

View the exhibition here