ISACS is about to embark on a new phase of its journey with the launch of a new Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025. This is an exciting moment in the development of the network and of the sector, which has seen unprecedented growth in recent times.

As you all know by now, this plan is the result of a long journey. A process that included meetings with key stakeholders, including the ISACS Board of Directors, the management and staff of ISACS, the funders and of course, most importantly, the ISACS membership.

Our new strategic plan takes into account these rich, experienced, emerging and diverse views towards how the ISACS Network can contribute to a growing, vibrant and strong future for the development of Street, Circus and Spectacle art forms in Ireland today.

Therefore, we are inviting all of our wonderful members to come join us on Wednesday 23 March for an online celebration and unveiling of our new Vision, Mission and Goals for the future.