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ISACS Member - Loosy Smokes
ISACS Member - Loosysmokes | Photo: Louise McCague

On my adventure with Sue & John at Stillpoint with Mid-Summer Festival - Macha

This was lovely experimental experience with very different avenues of expression creating in many magical ways.

John & Sue work on creating group relationship to work towards blending all talents to create a powerful and meaningful performance where we all worked as collective with the same heart pulse of the earth, well-being and rising up of people (of course this is my perspective). It felt really nice to be with a group,  which came from so many different aspects of art from: clown to photographer to dancer. 

During few days we were encouraged to CREATE … and that is what we did, often in the deep sense of presents within the group, which was really nice. For example, randomly, we would all start singing song together. A very nice experience with a group of ALL ages… Creating a little community. 

Our event performance on the last day was very dynamic with each person with their own roles. We created a ritualistic piece, which I feel, we, as group, worked very hard to prepare. 

Sue & John have a way of cultivating their creations that was inspiring and joyful to watch. 

I’m thankful for Jools Gilson of UCC for organising the workshop and having the presentation show in her art Visual Art Exhibition of Unveiled Horizons at Custom House Quay. It brought the work to another depth  . 

I was very grateful to have this opportunity brought together by UCC in partnership with the ISACS Network. 

Its lovely to receive. Thank you! 


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