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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi

Our top 10 events at Cork Midsummer Festival [ISACS team selection]

Our top 10 events at Cork Midsummer Festival [ISACS team selection]

Cork Midsummer Festival will be storming Cork from the 16th - 25th JUNE 2017 with an exciting 11 days programme of Dance, Theatre, Music, Live Performance, Circus, Talks, Workshops and much more!

We have saved you time and selected what we thought was the best of the best events for street arts, circus and spectacle lovers in the programme! 

ISACS top10 Must-See events at Cork Midsummer Festival

Dead Good Guides, Cork Community Art Link & UCC Creative : Stillpoint Workshop
12-15 June all day

STILLPOINT – a four day intensive workshop with John Fox & Sue Gill. Described as ‘English Visionaries’ and at the vanguard of radical arts practice for five decades, John Fox and Sue Gill bring their distinctive vision to Cork.

Who is this workshop for?
Theatre, Music, Dance and Visual Art practitioners, and other arts adventurers...

Small scale and open ended, STILLPOINT is a creative opportunity to connect head, heart and hands in an intense, focused and playful manner, free for a short while from economic and political hysteria. The outcome might be a performance, a procession, an installation or a meditative vigil. Hauntings may remain, but mischievous mayhem is also on the prowl…

ISACS is offering 1 Free scholarship to take part in this amazing workshop! More details here

DELVE : Artist Development Programme
Friday 16th June at 6pm - Sunday 18th June at 3pm

This year, ISACS will partner with Cork Midsummer Festival on their Delve initiative, a professional development programme which encourages ISACS members to engage with performances from a variety of art forms all over Ireland. The group will see a wide selection of Festival shows and participate in group discussions, post-show talks and seminars.

Check the programme here.

Riuchi Dream of Light
1pm (16 - 18 June) / 6pm (17 & 18 June)

Riuchi – warrior and alchemist all at once – comes from the imagination of the performer’s Asian identity. Rooted in traditional Japanese rituals, arts and techniques, Riuchi bridges the gap between ancient and futuristic – mashing up the aesthetic of Japanese animation and the realm of classic Asian movies. From this combination emerges an emotional landscape in an imaginary world nourished by both old traditional tales and futuristic science fiction. A search for destiny in Asian legend told through the use of modern technology, this poignant story unfolds through the skilled movements of the artist, inviting the audience into another realm and another time in an atmospheric show suitable for all ages.

Ruichi is an ISACS member

The Circus Factory present : Try Circus With Your Kids!
17 June 10am

Have you ever wanted to run away with the Circus**? Now you can ... with your kids.
Circus is more fun when you do it together, and through this workshop our tutors will test your wits and skills against your offspring with juggling, trapeze, and showing you how to 'fly' your smallies.

Circus Factory is an ISACS member

Blurring the lines: The Rise of the indisciplinary arts
17 June 2-4pm 

Join the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network for an afternoon discussion about collaboration & the rise of interdisciplinary arts. 

Hear from a range of artists, practitioners and projects which have specialised in merging art forms in new and unusual ways; uncovering new styles, new techniques, new circus, new theatre, new stories and new ways of telling them, merging the old and the new, the traditional with the contemporary, the audience and the performer, the digital and the physical, the inside with the outside.

Be part of a conversation which challenges our notions of what is art, where art belongs and who is it for.

Event in association with the Circus Factory Cork and Cork Midsummer Festival.

Complicite Creative Learning in association with Cork Midsummer Festival present : Like Mother, Like Daughter
20-25 June

If you could ask your mother one question about her life, what would it be? What is the most important thing a mother can pass on to her daughter?

In Like Mother, Like Daughter four pairs of mothers and daughters ask each other questions: about their lives, about the world, and about growing up as - and bringing up - daughters. At the end of the performance, the audience is invited to join them for dinner.

Created and performed by mothers and daughters from Cork and the surrounding area, the show is an unscripted conversation between women of different generations, cultures and religions, and explores the traditions we inherit and what we pass on.

All-Island Performing Arts Conference : Twist Or Stick Talks

21-22 June

The largest gathering of professionals from the performing arts in Ireland and Northern Ireland takes place in Cork this year. Built around a call to action, Twist or Stick, a programme of speakers, panel discussions and debates explore how the wider performing arts sector negotiates with a rapidly changing economic, social and political environment. We are constantly responding to change in our communities, trying to protect independence, originality and livelihoods while also recognising artists are changing how they work.

In navigating a relevant and exciting future for the performing arts, practitioners, artists, venues, festivals, companies and public bodies have choices: to change or to stay the same; to do something or to do nothing; to decide what to get rid of and what to protect. Riffing on card games, this rapid fire two-day programme asks how we will play the hand we have been dealt.

BoaNoite Samskaras / Boa Noite (Double Bill)
24 June (6pm) & 25 June (1pm & 6pm)

“Every action we carry out, every experience we undergo, insofar as it impacts upon the emotions leaves a trace in the mind. The stronger the emotion the deeper the mark that it leaves” - Babuji Maharaj Samskaras investigates the Hindu concept of Impressions – or Samskaras – and the effect of impressions on the mind, the perception of sensation on the body, exploring feelings and images through a journey across India. With musical arrangements by Dara O’Brien, design by David Crowley Design, the work was created in a Firkin Crane Residency.
Galway-based contemporary circus company Maleta’s latest creation, Boa Noite, explores friendship, control, power, success and failure, using juggling and object manipulation with aspects of dance and physical theatre to construct their own unique language. Exploring the symbiotic and parasitic nature of being human; two jugglers meet, be and share. Is there a crack in everything, is that how the light shines through?

Maleta is an ISACS member


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